Joe Normal Interview- Joe Normal "Crude Folk" CD Review JOE NORMAL (previously known as HUTCH)     NotLame Recordings Simple Acoustic Masterpiece... An Artist In Full Control Really a simple acoustic masterpiece that will grab the listener in a way not unlike listening to the 'Scoop' demo series from Pete Townshend for those familiar with these pieces of works... You`ll hear the warmth, intimacy and sheer competency of an artist in full control of not only his talents but one that can take the bare minimalism on display here and not only hold your attention, but have you snap up out of your seat, leaning forward to hear the song more closely.     University Time (CSLA) Like John Lennon beating up Noel Gallagher, and... Like John Lennon beating up Noel Gallagher, and Elliott Smith coming to pull him off. HUTCH (JOE NORMAL) knows how to write the perfect pop song and delivers it with style, wit, and sincerity. The coolest artist to emerge since BECK." -UNIVERSITY TIMES (Cal. State Los Angeles)     Flying Bridge Productions Pure Folk-Pop... Raw, Unpolished, and Unpretentious. Pure Folk-Pop, raw, unpolished, and unpretentious. Lennon, Westerberg, Karl Wallinger, and Donovan come to mind, but Joe Normal may have the songwriting goods to stand up to his influences.     Michael Paige The Next Keane Easy listening music with lyrics you can understand. The sound and tone of the CD resembled one of my favorite groups titled Keane.     A & R Online The Coolest Artist... The coolest artist to emerge since BECK     MUSIC BIZ STAY WITH ME" has 'hit' written all over it! Songs like STAY WITH ME have "HIT" written all over it. It is the perfect example of Joe's talent as a songwriter and player, which begs for an A&R rep to sign this guy     she didn't like rock n roll absolute pop perfection! absolute pop perfection! a true craftsman of a pop songwriter, hutch is not far removed from the late pete ham of badfinger. mighty impressive!     MUSIC BIZ MAGAZINE An affable blend of catchy pop and light rock... Joe Normal (HUTCH)'s tonality leans toward artists like Donovan, Elvis Costello, the Beatles and Oasis. What is evident is HUTCH has his own sound - an affable blend of catchy pop and light rock, delivered with an earnest sense of conviction.     Jenny What a kick ass cd --- Hutch you've got me flying! This cd kicks it! My favorite tracks are So spaced out and She's got me flying! The groove is distinct and you can't help but get up and shake your thang in the living room! Way too go! Keep rockin'! -- From Jenny.     In Music We Trust you'll either throw up in disgust at how sugary sweet these guys can be, or you' Decent, loose pop songs with a lot of fun-time grooves, Hutch delivers an almost-live sounding demo, complete with danceable pop hooks that are warm and smile-ridden. One listen to this demo and you'll either throw up in disgust at how sugary sweet these guys can be, or you'll be addicted and want more. No matter what angle you take, this band serves up rocking, devilishly fun pop songs.     UNIVERSITY TIMES (C.S.U.L.A.) HUTCH knows how to write the perfect pop song and delivers it with style, wit, a Like John Lennon beating up Noel Gallagher, and Elliott Smith coming to pull him off, while Ray Davies watches and smiles sinisterly. HUTCH knows how to write the perfect pop song and delivers it with style, wit, and sincerity. The coolest artist to emerge since BECK.   Salt Sex Slaves 4 Star Uncut Review Stace England & The Salt Kings Rankoutsider release, Salt Sex Slaves snags a 4 Star Review in the UK's UNCUT Magazine."Others have experimented with historical narrative in rock n roll, from the simplistic (Johnny Horton) to the haunting (Sufjan Stevens). But with Salt Sex Slaves (as with 2005's Greetings From Cairo, Illinois), under the radar songwriter Stace England enters uncharted Territory. England's Randy Newmanesque style chronicling of John Crenshaw, and his 1850s Illinois slavery ring, pitches human depravity as de rigueur. "Inequality In Equality", a spring-coiled Stonesy rocker, revises the Stones sex-drugs-rock paradigm: history-epiphany-insight; "Freedom Star", an 1848 abolitionist song sung by guest Jason Ringenberg, settles for poignant beauty.     Another great review for Kevin K.!!! KEVIN K & THE HOLLYWOOD STARS – "Cool Ways" CD  (Rankoutsider, US)-KEVIN K – "Hollywood" CD  (Full Breach Kicks, US) –KEVIN K – "Mr. Bones" CD  (RealKat, US) – At some point, there is a very real, very true and basic natural fact that needs to be addressed about rawk music. It needs to be fun. Oh sure, it can be powerful, it can make a statement, it can be challenging, argumentative, violent, intelligent, snotty, and vile. It can be inspiring, repulsive, exploratory, tenacious, etc. But to be rawk, to be RAWK, it has to be fun. That's not to say that Spongebob Squarepants has to come out with Patrick and make a Cartoon Network Movie out of it. But, the thing is, brother, at some level, you've gotta be able to shove the motherfucker in the tape deck in the Camaro, twist the knob to 11 and go roaring down the road, pounding on the dashboard and enjoying the living shit out of it. If you can do that, then it's RAWK, got me? Here's the deal. KEVIN K is RAWK. With a capital R. Now, some people are going to listen to KEVIN's 2005 release "Mr. Bones" and say, hey man, this is '80's metal. Then you're going to get your dudes who'll spin "Hollywood" or "Cool Ways" and say, "that's some bitchin' power pop, there, chief!" But make no mistake about it. Whatever this guy touches (everything I've heard so far) has the feeling of "rawk" jammed right up to it because of the attitude, the geetar crunch and above all, people, the SONGS! Let us go over this routine all once more, with feeling, because that's the name of the game. I've stressed it on here before, I've expounded upon it in emails to various individuals and I've spoken about it in person with people until I've been blue in the face and they've gotten sick of my sermons…but…I feel a fever comin' on and, yes, the only prescription is more cowbell and…great SONGS. Put in any of these 3 discs…and listen to tracks like "Story Of A Girl," "You Tonight," "Another Pretty Face," "Crackhouse" or "With You." This is the work of a man who not only knows the nuts and bolts of writing good hooks and then melding them into killer songs. It is also the story of a man who pours his heart & soul into that very same work. Just listen to this stuff, damn it, you can't help by be affected by it and the reaction is to put your foot to the floor, pump your fist in the air and sing along. What more do you fucking need?! Just buy!!! KEVIN K's stuff can be bought at so, get there get that plastic out, peeps! Great Reviews for THE CONDORS!!! Check out this cool stuff: PASADENA WEEKLY:THE CONDORS, Wait for It (Rankoutsider Records): Punky rock quartet the Condors finally follow up their debut, 2001’s “Tales of Drunkenness & Cruelty,” with this salvo from Pat Todd’s label that’s equal parts New Wave attitude and bar-band balls. Fronted by guitarist Pat “Pooch” DiPuccio, they pound and pogo their way through a dozen rollicking odes to good times and girls — although, with testosterone-fueled vows like “Don’t Want a Girl Who’s Been With Jack” and “Kiss That Girl Away,” they’re clearly most committed to the romance of dreams and guitars.DAGGER FANZINE:The CondorsWAIT FOR IT- (RANK OUTSIDER)- Yeah! This So. Cal. foursome have retained the two most important things that they learned about rock and roll back in first grade; one, it has to be retain n that sense of fun that rock can seem to lose from time to time and two, put as many hooks that you can cram into a song and then put in a few more ! Taking their cues from everyone from Cheap Trick to The Knack to The Replacements to contemporaries like Tsar And The Lolas, this things starts out in 4th gear and remains there for the whole record. The first tune, “Waiting Half the Night’ is full of fist-pumping goodness as is the hilarious “I Don’t Want a Girl Who’s Been with Jack.” “Carnival of Fools” is a but darker but no less melodic. More anthems appear on the 2nd half of the record (“Something better Coming Soon”, “Wake Up”, etc.). Two things of note is that this is Pat Todd’s (Lazy Cowgirls) new label and they get some keyboard help from Brady Bunch alum Robbie Rist (who I think has played in every L.A. power pop record) . Also, I had no idea that leader/songwriter pat “Pooch” DiPuccio is the same Pooch from FLIPSIDE zine all those years ago! Why didn’t he release a record years ago?? The Condors rule! GARAGE AND BEAT :THE CONDORS"Wait for it" - CDPat DiPuccio, better known as Pooch, has been a friend of mine almost as long as anyone else I know. We both used to write for Flipside Magazine, but his history with the punk rag goes back considerably farther than mine. It's obvious from the music he's been writing and performing through the years that his connection to the scene was more through an appreciation of acts like Nick Lowe, Wreckless Eric and the Count Bishops than the Exploited and Crass. This is the most rocking set I've heard so far, but the emphasis is on strong songs, tight musicianship and impeccable vocal work rather than brute force. From the opening line on "Waiting Half the Night" ("Somewhere over the Rainbow Bar and Grill") through the closer, "Wake Up," Pooch displays a clever command of the English language and he knows how to breathe raspy fire into every line. (, THE:Wait for It: CD“The absence of boundaries is the enemy of art.” It’s an Orson Welles quote, and while I’m not sure what Orson thought of skinny tie power pop—I have a difficult time picturing the legendarily rotund thespian at a Knack concert circa ‘79 sipping a glass of Paul Mason, singing “Good Girls Don’t”—his theory fits that genre well. Give someone unlimited resources and they will likely return the favor by producing crap. Give them limitations, challenges, something to overcome, and things might click. Power pop’s boundaries are clearly marked: harmonies, hooks, and heartache. A lot of The Condors’ predecessors couldn’t handle the restrictions, falling victim to the “wee bit of killer, whole lotta filler” syndrome, putting out albums that felt like singles that overstayed their welcome; too many songs that didn’t function well within the confines. These days, there is no brass ring for a power pop band to snag, no commercial incentive to rush out a half-baked record, just the challenge of rearranging those power pop building blocks a dozen times over. The Condors, led by Pat DiPuccio, come up aces, especially on “Spare Time” (which had me searching the credits for a mention of Gary Frenay of Flashcubes fame). Wait for It is barebones and fashion-free (the roots rock camp could claim The Condors as easily as the power poppers) and it’s really, really good. –Mike Faloon (Rank Outsider, Kevin K Reviews are in! Here is a great review of the new Kevin K. CD: KEVIN K AND THE HOLLYWOOD STARS – ‘COOL WAYS’ CDThe King of the underground is back with his 16th, yes sixteenth, album and you can bet yer ass that it’s another delicious slice of power-pop / punk rock. This time backed by the Hollywood Stars, Mr. K delivers 12 instantly addictive cuts in his unique honest, touching and fun style. This is a man who pours his life and soul into each release and he’s done that 16 times now, this is a committed and unfaltering man. Impressive as hell. ‘Cool Ways’ was recorded in California and that’s reflected in the songs, maybe the tapes were left out in the sun because this record is oozing with that Californian atmosphere, so not only is the guy an authoritative New York icon but he can nail the West Coast style too while stamping his indelible mark and style all over the music. KEVIN K’s records are just so easy to listen to, form the first listen they become a permanent fixture, they are effortless and an absolute pleasure, this is faultless song-writing here and don’t think for a second that he’s released the same record 16 times…not at all, sure the RAMONES and THUNDERS influences are permanently reoccurring but he’s a versatile musician and each release presents it’s own character. I love this guy and I hope he never slows down- sorry Kevin, but you can’t ever stop!!!Rankoutsider RecordsNFT Magazine     ”